I think I mentioned that Jennifer was coming last weekend.  It was an awesome birthday present from her squeeze.  She was sooo excited!  

Samsung sent an appliance guy around last Wednesday and fixed the stove problem, in the nick of time.  Jen was coming Thursday.  Turns out that it was an old breaker problem.  Need a new breaker, but in the meantime it still works if there isn't too much turned on on the stove.  So rib dinner it would be!!!

Monte and I headed down to Nanaimo.  Before heading to the airport we stopped at Costco.  In the middle of shopping I needed to make a sugar cane usual.  (frigging g..damn shovel list). As I seated myself comfortably in there my phone rang.  I answered.  And it was a completely distraught, crying Jennifer.  My poor little girl. 

 She was at the counter in the Calgary airport to get her boarding pass and her driver's license had expired on Nov. 7th, her birthday.  Ah geez, they wouldn't let her board!  And they wouldn't take her luggage off the plane.  She was so devastated and all I could do was commiserate verbally...I couldn't solve this one.

As it turns out she did get her luggage back the next afternoon.  But let me tell you about what happened when I left the turlet cubicle after I hung up the phone.

I walked out and there was a circle of women standing out there.  Clearly they had heard me on the phone.  They surrounded me and started to cluck sympathetically and ask if I was okay!  OMG!!!  What a womanly supportive thing to happen.  I love women!  Very comforting.

We finished shopping and skedaddled home....without our Tootsie.  She is having a tough time right now with one thing and another and I just want to hug her.

Its been a very quiet week.  And I have not left the house in usual.  Happily!!!!  We did haul the xmas tree in from my dilapidated sheshed.  The boys put it together and tested it out and all the lights worked etc...  We leaned it on the area behind my chair temporarily.

Within a few minutes I noticed a smell.  It was a very unpleasant smell I might add, sort of a cross between mushrooms and a swamp.  Clearly that tree had been trussed up in a tree bag and put in the sheshed for waaaay too long.  Ewwwww!!!  Out to the deck it went.

And when we decided to hook it up and put it in the sliding door window, it didn't work.  Looking more closely we could see that somewhere in the moving it back and forth the plug got pulled and broke.  Crap!!!  Out to the garbage it went!  I have bought a little four footer, already lit, from amazon.  It will be here on Dec. 12th.  I shall put it on a stool in the front room window...just enough room there for a littleun'. 

Tomorrow night is chilli night with our Port Alberni crew.  I think there are 14 coming this time.  I have added hot dogs to the menu and coleslaw.  The conundrum is the Black Forest cake that has been requested.  I think I will make a wacky cake and top it off with cherries and whipped cream and a little kirsch.  Yum.  I also think I will create the picnic feel and get paper plates and red cups.  Sure will cut the work down.
Today is shop day.  Have to leave the house for that!!!  Best get at it!  TTYL

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