A certain something has occasionally been happening to me lately, and I can't believe it after all I have expected of myself and mouthed off about. 

I have pretty repeatedly made it abundantly clear that I love being alone.  (as in married alone, not living alone necessarily.). And don't get me wrong...I do love being alone ( the 'not married' type of alone.) now that I actually am. As much as I loved my Spod, and would be married all over to him in a New York second, I really am suited to being unattached. 

But in the last year or so I have noticed that I, unbiddingly,  have had twinges when I see older couples.  (shovel list)  They are maybe driving somewhere, or talking to each other in restaurants, or on tv they are conferring with each other, or I see pics of older couples on boats, trains or planes, travelling somewhere.  And I am envious!!!!  I can't believe it!!!!  I feel like I am betraying myself!!  I am envying their closeness and their automatic responses to each other.  I am going to have to make an effort to knock it off.

  I don't want to feel that way cuz there is absolutely no way in hell would I ever want to have another male in my life!!!  When I think of the laundry, cleaning up after, the farting, the belching, the demanding things their way, NO NO NO!!!!  So it seems there is no compromising and seriously?  I will give up the camaraderie to live without the neediness.  I have to slap myself out of it!

I just made a million pancakes.  No one is really up yet but I am pretty determined to get rid of unnecessary food in this house.  There was a box of Aunt Jemima sitting in the cupboard...which is now a pile of pancakes on the stove.  The best part of that is once again my cast iron pan has performed a miracle.  It makes the best pancakes easily!  No sticking, cooks super fast...I swear by that thing.  It also makes hash browns with NO STICKING!!!  Either from raw, cooked potatoes or frozen hash browns.

Speaking of which, I was talking to someone (keeping it anonymous for their own privacy sake) who is doing a three day cleanse later in this month.  She and another gal found it on google.  This guy has created this plan that involves a three day fast, drinking bone broth only plus supplements etc.  This plan throws one into ketosis and supposedly does a body cleanse as well.

So I looked it up and read his plan.  It was too expensive for me to do and too late.  I would actually rather put the 100 bucks into our travel account that we are working on.  So I looked carefully at what his kit included.  I have pretty much everything he included and I have done exactly this sort of thing umpteen times before...mostly to get my blood sugar numbers down.  So I am going to do it too...only I will do a week.  A week is easy for me.  I have ordered a gorgeous coat one size under my normal size. (the only size available) and I want to fit it....THIS winter!!!!  Peter says he is going to do it with me too.  Monte totally refused to join us...had a million excuses, oops, not excuses....reasons, all pretty valid I must say.  Next shopping trip I will load up on broths.

Out of respect for those that are doing this reboot, as the dude calls it, I won't vigorously slam this plan but....I think, after researching his pretty expensive packets in the kit, the real value here is the power of doing this with a group of people online. Accountability is powerful. The supplements are not necessary, the broth is and its pretty easy to make your own.  If you really want to know the value of fasting, read Dr. Fong about type 2 diabetes.  He will super educate you.

I am heading to North Van on Saturday til Monday to visit April and Myles.  Aryn, if you are reading this, I will be coming to visit you in January and I am going to Shanghai you to lunch with Clare and Tish!  And Clare, if you are reading this I shall be phoning you.  I was wondering if we could meet for lunch on Monday (thats the 18th of Nov).  I apologize for the short notice but I didn't realize I was coming over til yesterday.  I would love to see you guys if its possible!

Well today is organize my business day.  I have the table covered with every piece of paper that has entered this house since I moved here.  I have kept up with the bills but not the filing and answering mail that requires an answer.  I also have to make arrangements with Aryn to switch my phone to a plan she has.  I am paying over a hundred bucks a month for 2 gigabytes of data and the usual texting and phone plan.  Ridiculous!  Thanks Telus...for nothing.

One last thing.  I found this absolutely hilarious but you maybe won't.  My darling brother and his lovely wife came for the night as I said.  My dinner I discussed in great detail last post, was not great.  The roasts had obviously been previously  frozen as they ended up swimming in inches of liquid.... (shovel list...Save-On) which doesn't happen with fresh meat.  Pissed me off.  And for some reason the scalloped potatoes were all watery...still tasted good but....
But we had a wonderful time with them.  I love spending time with that couple.

But...my brother made a comment that puzzled me at first...then cracked me up.  We were talking about the pumpkins that get lined up along roadsides after halloween.  And he pipes up and says that he just doesn't like it.  What????  Like Why????  It's a wonderful fun thing for all of us to do.

Well apparently he doesn't like to see the waste of all that 'food'.  Pumpkins should be EATEN not used for entertainment.  And if people insist on making carved pumpkins...they should use battery operated lights in them so that they can be eaten after!!!  Oh man, I laughed, most rudely!!!  My apologies Stan!  But honestly, they should grow pumpkins just for fertilizer, which is exactly what they become out there along the road and on logs and sitting in the trees!  But he is right...with half the world starving, it does seem a waste. But then on the other hand if we didn't carve them...they wouldn't be grown in numbers in the first place!  Hahahaha!!!!!  It is a sustainable product after all!!


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