Nothing of note has happened since getting home, other than I did manage to separate my summer and winter clothes.  Now I am doing a mountain of laundry.

I have not left the house even once in the last six days, since getting home from Vancouver.  And that's the way I like it.

I was thinking about that.  I had an extremely busy life before Bill died.  Between babies, teens, dogs, work, then extreme travelling, moving umpteen times, condo in Maui, friends, family, funerals....I am totally and completely happy to sit at home and only go out when forced to by circumstances.

But even I am beginning to kind of wonder why I am so able to just be in my chair with occasional forays into the kitchen to clean.  I did manage to organize all my papers and today I am going to file them into file folders that arrived from Amazon a couple of days ago.  So I decided to take advantage of an empty house (the boys are back in Victoria til later today), turn everything off and think about it.

And what I came up with was this.  If I did not have a laptop I could not do this.  Even the tv only keeps me in my chair for so long.  But my lappy makes it all possible.

I read my books on it.  I blog on it.  I read the esoteric news on it.  I research for answers to everything I think of on it.  I write...not good writing but writing just the same...on it.  I do my photography on it.  I am completely busy without moving anything but my fingers.  Not an ideal situation....even I know that.

But I hate walking. It rains here from October until April.  I hate walking at its best...unbelievably boring.  But in the rain?  OMG!!!  Brings to mind the time in Bamfield Kathy, Kerry, Emily, Monte and I decided to hike out to Kia Bay.  Its not that far...maybe two kilometres.

We asked someone that hiked that trail regularly how it was and he said, "Its a great trail, but if its raining it gets pretty muddy."  Well it hadn't rained for some time so off we went.  And....of course the minute our boots hit the dirt, you guessed it, it started to rain.  Not hard enough to cause rivers of water, but a steady light downpour, enough to cause a lot of mud.

Within minutes my glasses were all covered with running rain drops...rendering me half blind.  My hair got soaked in spite of my now soaked Tilly hat I was wearing and if you know me I have toxic hair.  I use liquid cement to keep it in place and the rain running through picked up lethal amounts of chemicals, and then ran straight down, under my glasses and landed in my eyes.  Jesus!!!  it stung like acid!  Pretty soon my cotton cargo pants were soaked right through. And so was my jacket and shirt....soaked to the bone.  At one point my now heavy with water pants just simply fell off!!  Pants on the .... pants in the mud.  I finally had to take the waist string on the pants and tie it to the long hat string on my Tilly hat.  It worked but looked ridiculous.

At one point on the trail we came across a mud hill so steep it had a long rope tied to a stump at the top and hung down to the bottom.  You actually had to use that sucker to get up there!  Jeez!!!  This is just so not me.  If it hadn't been for Kerry's encouragement along the way whilst I sat on stumps, crying and refusing to go further, I would never have made it.  

When we finally got to that beach its was so covered in logs, BIG logs we couldn't even walk on it.  There was a wooden food box one could leave leftovers in for the hippies that live out there (somewhere...we never saw them).  I looked inside and there was one potato.  We ate our soggy lunch standing around...nowhere to sit in all that mud.

On the way back when we came to that mud hill I just simply squatted down on my big old tromp combat boots and slid down....really really fast!  Way faster than I thought it would be.  I remember I just had time to think "If I run into an anchored in the ground stick, I will be permanently violated in a terrible way."  Oh, and the roots!  All along the path there were roots, like snakes twisting and turning just under the mud.  Every step you had to turn you boot to fit into a small unrooted spot which of course, I couldn't see because of my stinging eyes and rain covered glasses.

Now you tell me....what about any of that is enjoyable.  Meanwhile the others were all bouncy and energetic and happy and exhilarated!!  They are crazy!!!!  (shovel list....and we almost needed a shovel at one point.  Monte was wearing socks and sandals, not the best choice for hiking but he was young.  He stepped in a mud hole and sunk in mud half way up his leg.  When he pulled his foot out his sandal was gone.  He was going to carry on with only one sandal but Kathy, bless her, made him dig into that mud and pull it out.)

Now I know walking around the streets here is not like that hike.  But the moment my glasses get covered and my hair gets wet things go to crap.  I. HATE. WALKING.  I think I will test out the temperature of the local pool water and maybe go swimming.  Not the best exercise but it will get me out of my chair and I do like swimming.

And now this rant has gone on forever and I have a feeling I lost my readers several paragraphs ago. I feel better though...almost like I've gone for a walk.  TTYL

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