I am sitting here slowly being driven around the bend.  I don't know if this happens in your house, but it always happens in mine.

Last night, fairly latish, I was heading to bed.  I finished brushing teeth etc and about to enter my  room when I heard that all too familiar frigging, (humungous shovel list) loud BEEP!  Yes, it is the smoke alarm.  And I don't know about your smoke alarms, but mine don't wait til morning to do this.  No no no, they start right at bedtime.  And I can't reach them, and I get super dizzy reaching up, standing on a stool.  Not only that, that stupid thing is right outside my bedroom door....I think.  

Its quite scientifically diabolical that the beeping sound is NOT pin down able.  Its over its over it's it's in the hallway....The only reason I know its outside my bedroom door is because, well why the eff not? and its the only smoke alarm I can find.  But even when I am standing right under it and it beeps, it sounds like its coming from totally somewhere else.

And thats another thing....laying in my bed all night it beeped every twenty seconds.  I get up, discern that this is THE one and stand under it and wait for the beep...just to be sure.  AND IT DOESN'T BEEP!!!  Finally I went into the kitchen to make coffee and the second I did...beep!  So I quickly got my coffee and went back under the beeping thing and waited again.  Nope.  No beep.  It's like it can see me there and it's taunting me and laughing at me.

I am waiting for one of my boys to get up to give me a hand.  I can do it but I need someone to catch me if I fall. would kill them.  Maybe I will wait til they can do it for me.

Stan and Antonia are coming for dinner and the night Sunday!!!!  I am so happy!  It is his birthday so today I will start getting their room ready, planning dinner (my fave thing) make lists etc...  I was thinking of giving him a book I just bought, but I think I already gave him this one.  Its all the names of every thing, towns, cities, rivers, mountains etc in BC and how they got the name and what the name means.  An amazingly interesting book.  But I will have to find something else.  Which is another task I love.  Well gotta bounce.  TTYL

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