For you long time readers do you remember Shannon?  She is my grand child (woman), one of my faves, and she used to comment on this blog...really really funny comments and stories.  Well she has been absent for just over a year.  I never judge or question why people may stop long as they know they can talk any time to me and they are basically okay.  I give them their time for whatever reason.

Well she def had her reasons, which I won't go into here.  It's her story to tell....or not to tell as it may be.  But she messaged me last night and I am so freaking happy she did.  I am not sure she is reading this blog anymore but if so...I invite you Shannon to feel free to say anything you want in the comments.  We love you!

It's been a quiet few days, at least for me.  Yesterday we went to the local massive craft fair.  I was just blown away by the talent in that room.  From pottery, to hand knitted sweaters, scarves and toques, hand made jewelry, carvings, paintings, signs, baking, preserves etc etc etc....And due to the basic wage average in this town, things were selling way way below what you would pay in a larger town or city.  I couldn't believe the prices.  Needless to say we did not walk out of there empty handed!

Some new neighbours have moved in, a couple of houses down the street.  Sure has livened up the neighbourhood!!  They drive noisy vehicles, whipping around at all times of the day and night. But the most noticeable difference is their yelling and screaming, again at all times of the day and night, with the most awful profane language.  Jeez!  I feel bad for the much older generation that lives within earshot of that.  It's scary for them and so obscenely inappropriate.  And these are the kind of people you don't mess with.  If I did I am pretty sure Gladys would be violated shortly after!  And thats how they get away with such abhorrent behaviour.  The one that stoops the lowest wins.

As I mentioned last post Stan and Antonia, or Aunt Onia as we refer to her!, are coming today.  I have already got the skinny pork shoulder roasts in the oven super slow roasting.  Instead of the usual applesauce I have apple jelly.  Yummy!!!  Betty Crocker scalloped potatoes, the only kind I will buy, and a ton of veggies.  Parsnips, carrots, beets, chard.....such a winter dinner!  

It's Stan's birthday today so I am making a layered dessert in Irish coffee mugs.  I ordered three books at Amazon, they will be delivered in the next couple of days at his house.  We will see if he figures out who sent them!!!!

Well veg prep is next on the list.  Best go get at it.  I love this part!!!!!  I will take pics as I go.  I am sure y'all would just love to see pics of my food.  hahaha!!!  TTYL

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