And no, it didn't feel great.  I do not knoweth what y'all talk about when you say how going for a walk makes you feel better.  Not me.  But I am going anyway.  I only went around the block today and I hope that my hip will just frigging knock it off.  It flipping hurts at about the halfway mark.  So annoying. I do think if it weren't for Peter, I def would not be going.  So if you are reading this...thank you Peter!

We were out of dog food today.  When I went to Walmart this morning I went on the hunt for Wrangler's usual Salmon and peas, Beneful.  They didn't have Beneful, which is okay because Purina owns them all anyway...if you read the tiny print you will see.  So I looked for a salmon dog food...and found one.  And guess what the main other ingredient is?  PUMPKIN!!!!!!!!!!  I am so going to take a pic of the ingredient list and send it to my brother....this will make him happy!!!!

Its been a little boy heavy around here lately.  Monte's friend, one he is in a band with, came over on Wed. evening and he and Monte and Peter had an evening downstairs of drinking, talking and listening to music and telling inappropriate jokes.  Colton stayed over and slept on the couch downstairs.

They sort of hung around all day yesterday and into the evening.  I sort of hoped he would be going home, which he finally did.  Lovely guy but a wee tad exhausting. Today Levi is coming!  I haven't seen Levi since Kamloops.  The boys are pretty happy that he is coming.  Monte and Levi are planning on doing photography.  Peter will be with me, heading to Vancouver.

Now its late afternoon and time to put groceries away.  I am making dinner, even though there will be only two of us.  But the food can be hanging around for the Monte and Levi to eat over the weekend.

I bought a deep electric frying pan a while ago.  I like to make chicken on stuffing and bake it all but the stuffing burns on the bottom.  So I am going to put in layers of tin foil first and see if that helps.  The only trouble is the tin foil is in the back of the corner cupboard and I don't fit into the hole enough to reach it.  Kind of like getting into the backseat of Tank was impossible.  Sigh.  Such heavy duty awful troubles.  LOL!!!!

One thing I did for sure today was buy a dozen litre containers of various, mostly beef, getting ready for our big fast coming up.  You need to have everything all ready or you don't start.  I am kind of dreading it but also really looking forward to the I am totally familiar with.

Okay enough boring crap.  Gotta bounce...TTYL
how can you tell there are very polite people eating breakfast...tiny bits of everything left in the pans!  Bacon, mushrooms and scrambled eggs.

Stan's birthday dinner

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