I have come to the conclusion that there just is a large number of people that jump onto that negative band wagon and find any little bitchy thing they can to spear a happy event.  Christmas is too commercial, stop shopping and spending money, call it anything but Christmas, if you have to shop, stop shopping online or in big box stores, don't eat too much, Turkey is bad for you, stop with the predictable green bean casserole  blah blah blah.  Seriously!

Never mind that: Christmas is all about those awesome presents.  You might be one of those naysaying downers but you sure are happy to open and keep the present I bought you back in November when xmas shit first showed up.  

And:  Christmas is Christ's birthday.  If Christ hadn't been born there would be no CHRISTmas.  I am not going to call it by any other name, including Holiday, because it is CHRISTmas.  Go away and celebrate whatever you are somewhere else and you better not be going to mass or eating turkey or opening presents.  Let me know and I will happily cross you off my CHRISTmas list.  No presents for you!

And:  I love to give gifts.  I love to shop for those gifts.  But two things play into it here. One: due to the amount of gifts I give, I can't afford to shop 'locally'.  And I live in a wee town that sports only a Walmart.  So logically I must go to the online community.  I am not giving up on the gift giving and because I am giving gifts to about twenty people, Walmart, Dollar Rama and Canadian Tire don't cut it.

And:  Turkey.  Are you kidding me?  Even if it gives me the grand daddy of all grand daddy belly aches, I am eating turkey on Christmas Day.

And:  The whole point of a Turkey dinner is to eat so much all you can do is roll away from the table and collapse on the couch til it passes, and that might take a while.  Get up only when a leftover turkey sandwich is calling you.  And while you are in the kitchen, dig the turkey carcass out of the garbage that some well meaning relly threw out, brush it off and make soup, using that delicious leftover green been casserole.

All in all you know what I am talking about.  I am talking about TRADITION!!!!  Don't frigging mess with it!!!!  TTYL

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