You know I would like to whinge, swear and complain  right now and be negatively entertaining, but I can’t.  We are having such an amazing crazy fun time!

Stateroom:  To start off, our room.  It is freaking tiny.  I have done a lot of cruising in my time, including on this boat, but I have never had a room so tiny.  All the walls and everything are movable, thus when they do the every so often refit, guess what?  They add a few more rooms.  Kind of like the airlines and seats.

So here I am in a teeny tiny room with a humungous giant human and its funny.  We only have two twin beds, and those beds when pushed together are only queen size, not king like normal. When Monte lies on the bed his feet hang way off the bottom and both his arms hang down onto the floor.  There are two tiny bedside tables and a desk, all smack up against each other.  There is no couch, not even an armchair.  In the other corner is a tiny fridge cabinet and up above is a wall shelf with a flatscreen on it.  My bed is pushed up against the wall and over my head is a drop down door the length of my bed and in the closet is a metal ladder.  Bunk bed.  Sure lets add another human into this teensy space!  The only place that is surprisingly roomy is the bathroom.  Whilst ‘small’ the actual shower isn’t bad.  We are super enjoying our balcony though, even though its only ocean, miles of ocean, to see.  The sunrises though are spectacular!

Food:  Not bad I must say.  We have eaten mostly up in the Lido, or slop station as Spod and I always called it.  The last Princess boat I was on left quite a lot to be desired in the food arena.  We never ever went to the formal dining room as firstly, we would have to change into something nice, and it was just waaaaay too slow.  Bill and I gorfed our food down in ten minutes and left the room.  In the dining room you have to spend two hours eating.  We were feeding frenzy peeps, not dainty classy eaters.

The food has been so good this time around.  I had a macaroni salad yesterday that was darn near the best thing I ever ate.  We did do lunch in the dining room yesterday and we were both a tad disappointed.  Bland and uninteresting.  Part of the problem though is neither of us are big eaters at meal times.  We run out of steam way too quickly.  And by suppertime we can barely stomach anything.

That being said, hee hee, we made reservations at the steakhouse upstairs for last night.  Sixty bucks for the most crazy amazing steak and seafood ever.  Seriously!  I know we always say ‘best ever yaddyyadda’. But the filet mignon was unbelievable as was the lobster, as was the Asti, as was the creamed spinach and asparagus.  I purposely skipped lunch so I was pretty hungry but even then I could only eat about one once of my 12 ounce filet.  Fortunately Monte ate it for me.  You can’t take food with you in this place.  Today we have reservations for lunch at the Crab Shack…New Orleans boil with alaskan king crab.  Thus I am sitting here in bed, its morning, not having a breakfast!

Activities:  We haven’t really joined many things.  Trivia, carpet bowling, paper plane contests, martini making, knit and knatter clubs, line dancing, bocci and lawn darts, ball room dancing etc…are not really in our wheelhouse.  But Monte, surprisingly, showed an interest in the art auction!

They super push selling art, real, not copies, art on these boats.  They have a gallery where you can see lots of the art on the ship.  Four times on this cruise, they will have an auction.  They set up all kinds of art and invite you into the inner sanction for a glass of champagne and the auction. 

Yesterday was an auction day.  And Monte, who has turned into this Mister Enthusiastic, ‘over the moon’, bouncy, happy, keenly interested in everything person, which I haven’t seen in him for so long and makes me so happy to see again, wanted to go.  And he did.  I think he was a wee tad shocked that the prices were in the thousands!  And he wants to go again!

He also went up to the spa and had a frangipani hair treatment.  He came back smelling awesome I must say!  He had a hair and beard trim before we left but he certainly looked amazing after that treatment.
Formal Night:  I am def not a fan.  Maybe if I were tiny, good looking and younger I would be, but I am not.  But Monte…with his new shiny hair and a beautiful dark Alfred Yung suit just waiting for its inaugural outing, was most definitely interested.  So after dinner we came back to the room, where I hid out in a most cowardly fashion, and he changed into his beautiful duds.

  Oh my!!!!  Even he was shocked at how great he looked!  And off he went.  Apparently a gay dude in the elevator told him ‘You are looking hot tonight!’….high praise indeed!  He mosied around, taking in the beautiful people, the champagne tower, and all the professional photographers, who had set up picture stations.  He went to a couple and had his pic taken.  We will go see them today!

So now this has become so long even I am tired of proofreading it!!!  More tomorrow!  TTYL

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