It’s a good thing we will be home on Tuesday morning.  This blog is going to get very repetitive.  There is only so much one can do on a finite amount of space with what really amounts to stupid events to occupy oneself.  Its amazing what the crew comes up with and even more amazing how many people dive in there and participate.  Just encourages more stupidity I say.

Monte and I spend most of our time in our stateroom.  First of all, there is nowhere to sit out there.  Every chair, every nook and cranny is full of people.  All the places with comfy reading chairs are full, all the time.  And couples are circling, on the hunt.  

There is one little amusement I like to partake in.  I tell Monte “Watch this.”  Then I gather up my things, put it all back in my ugly back pack, pretend I am leaving, and ten couples suddenly run and descend on us, asking desperately, “are you leaving?’.  No, I answer, just cleaning up.  They walk away, kind of embarrassed.  When we actually are leaving, there has been heated arguments break out about who got there first.  And that’s supposed to be enjoyable?  Well the teasing one actually is.  Hee hee!!

I have a wee thing to say.  You know how we, kind of smugly, go on about how Americans are fat.  Its sort of a known fact that, especially in the south, people in the states are fat and their restaurant portions are huge.  Well we can stop pointing fingers people.

Only five percent of the people on this boat are American.  The rest are Canadian, mostly from BC, and out of them, mostly from the lower mainland.

And a huge, no pun intended, proportion of them are enormous, hugely fat people.  Most of them are women but there are a lot of fat men too.  I am talking super sized fat.  A great deal of them have walkers or wheel chairs or canes.  Its kind of shocking.

I thought I would mention this as maybe we should stop pointing our fingers to the south and take a look at ourselves.  Its so bad that this trip has encouraged me to rethink my diet when I get home.  And to def get off my ass and either do a walking regime or swimming or something.  Monte has also been effected by being around so many humungous people.  He is rejoining his gym as soon as we get home.

One more thing to mention before signing off.  Last night’s dinner.  We went to Sabatini’s, an Italian restaurant that has been set up on the boat.  Its 25 bucks each and worth every penny.  And they don’t serve you huge portions, just five very small courses, so you don’t come out of there stuffed to the gills.

First course:  incredible olive oil and balsamic and a beautiful piece of dipping bread.  Second course:  Cheese (different kinds) soup, a tiny bowl with a couple of mushrooms and some spices sprinkled on top.  Third course:  I had a salad…roasted red peppers, capers, whole anchovies and olive oil (to die for!) And Monte had a beautiful big round barrette cheese ball on tomatoes with balsamic reduction.  Fourth course:  Mine was three large tortellini with mint flakes in the pasta stuffed with lamb in a sauce and Monte’s was buckwheat pasta with beef (unbelievably delish)  Fifth course:  I had eggplant parmesan and Monte had veal marsala…OMG!.  Actually there were six courses, dessert:  He had tiramisu and I had zabaglione,  both unbelievable.  The dinner was so amazing we are going back Sunday nite.  We didn’t have wine but we toasted Bill, this is his death anniversary, with our water.  He would have loved this dinner.

Now its Saturday.  Its twelve noon.  We put the do not disturb sign on our door, ordered breakfast in (which we haven’t eaten yet) and slept in.   Monte is still sleeping.

The swells are huge and the boat is truly rolling back and forth.  Its hard to walk when its doing this so its just easier to stay in the room, snooze, read, snack, order room service…and now its cold enough outside to leave our balcony door wide open.  We get fresh air, hear the sea and listen to the guys next door bicker with each other.  So cute. 

Sorry for the mundaneness of this post.  There just isn’t a lot to report.  No more cruises like this.  We need more port days.  And we need a boat that has more stuff.  This star princess is a loser boat.  I think we will do Holland next.  They are classier and have more areas for things.  Anywhoo….Monte just woke up and I am going to try the internet again.  Wasn’t working a while ago.  Too many people on it.  TTYL

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