As I sit here, the morning after another one of those 'misfit' dinners, I would love to tell you a story about how outrageous the behaviour, the totally inappropriate dinner conversations, the horrible table manners, the smell of unwashed bodies etc.  But I can't.  I can't even pretend.

I have put on many many dinner parties over the years, starting from my first foray into single living.  Some were small and some were huge, but I cooked happily, set the table and prepared them all by myself, loving every minute.

Yesterday was really no different to start with.  The house was pretty clean and I had bared off the counters in the kitchen in preparation.  I had Monte help me put the table extension in and pick it up and centre it in the room.  That I could not have done by myself.  Peter went around and picked up stuff, including bits and pieces off the floor, and took Wrangler for a walk etc.. I then set the table for twelve.  I will put a picture below.

Then the cooking started.  The preparation.  I peeled ten pounds of russets.  Got out all the proper pots and pans and serving bowls I would use.  I prepped the giant prime rib roast (a two boner only this time).  I had the brilliant idea to roast it in the giant steel wok, my gravy making thingy, that way all the fat would already be in the gravy making pan.  I thawed out the marrow bone fat I had made previously and added that to the gravy making fat.  I also thawed out the beef stock I had made earlier and frozen for just this occasion.  Best gravy I have ever made.  Holy Moly!!!

Any way the meal got made, taters got mashed, vegetables finished, kitchen chain sawed the roast and.....I did something different this time.  Because there was a lot of beef fat, more than I needed for the gravy, I put a teaspoon of fat in 24 muffin tin holes and heated the whole thing up.  Those Yorkshires turned out beautifully.  I wish I had taken a picture!!!

Then Monte went twice and picked up loads of people.  Not one of them drives or owns a car.  And we proceeded to have the best time ever.

  Pat was hilarious as usual.  Misha was such a help mashing spuds etc..and she also played the piano and sang.  She is really really good.  Trinity was very quiet but charming.  Jack, Misha's friend, was so sweet and gentle.  He is a full First Nations and extremely intelligent and so likeable.  Peter sat beside him and they conversed so well.  Ange was her usual chatty and fun self.  James was also conversing well.  He has a bottomless well of knowledge about movies, music and games.  Mike and I shared the red bench at the end of the table.  Mike was so sweet and humble.  It was his turn to pick the next dinner.  He said Possum!  So I said " Road kill it is!!!"  He felt the need to tell me he was just kidding!  I told him I wasn't but he ended up telling me that he wanted chilli (hot), toast and Black Forest cake....all very doable, easy.  I can't wait!!!

And we had a blast.  Mike played the guitar and banjo, several played piano, Pat made us laugh, the girls and Jack were charming...we had the best time.

And sorry for going into such long boring detail about the meal.  I just love making meals and if anyone reading this wants to come for dinner I would be so happy to throw a plate on the table.

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