We have landed.  I got up at five this morning and sat out on the deck.  Over the next hour and a half the full moon was just to my right and a sunrise happened on the left, a beauty, and Oahu got closer and closer in the front.  Magical!!!  As we got closer and closer I tried to get Monte up to watch us dock but he was too tired.  I am quite disappointed in him.  His first docking and he was ‘tired’.  Hmmmph!

We had another pretty awesome day yesterday, just a couple of glitches, involving stupid frigging people of course.  This trip would be amazing if it weren’t for the people.  Especially this cruise.

I think because of the many at sea days this trip has attracted an extra amount of  the really really fat, the really infirm, the really really old, the really really non speaking foreign (Asian) and I know this isn’t pc but the really really stupid.  All in all everything gets really really aggravating.

I can give you an example.  At lunch the Lido, buffet, upstairs gets super extra busy.  As a result there ends up being quite a long line up.  A veeerrryyy ssslllooowww lineup.

Firstly, out in the line up certain foreign (Asian) people, pretending to be unaware and unknowing, budge into the line.  If it was one or two fine but…one old one will budge in, bobbing her head and smiling and speaking another language, so you let that go.  Then two minutes later another one comes along and joins her, bobbing head and smiling.  And then another and another and another until you think you are in a foreign country.  And you have just inadvertently allowed fifteen people into the line up in front of you.  Friggin’ hell!!

The next most annoying person is the old man.  Oh jeez kill me now!  Yesterday an old old dude in blue shuffled into the first food part.  But about four feet away from the first pan of food (delicious Mac and cheese) he stopped, just simply stopped and stood there.  Everybody had to stop.  And wait .  And wait.  Finally the guy behind him said something and the old dude startled and shuffled forward.  He kept doing that all the way through the whole food line and at the end he had NOTHING on his plate! Grrrrr.

Then there is the fat person who has to slowly and carefully choose the perfect piece of whatever, moving the food around in the pan with the serving spoon until she finds the perfect piece.  Twice.  Takes two from every single pan of food.  Every frigging one.  Yesterday the woman in front of me was Old.  Fat…and on Crutches.  By the time I got my three items I wanted, my food was cold and congealed.  People. (shovel list to the power of infinity plus one)

Yesterday I decided to go with Monte to the next art auction.  Now, the other one he went to, as I mentioned, pics were selling for up to 25,000 bucks.  Yesterday everything was under five hundred.  And what a hoot it was!!!  They made it so much fun!  I won’t go into the deets here but trust me when I say we had the best two hours!

And I kinda might have bought a picture.  Its kind of like the carpet incident in Istanbul Grand Bazaar!!  But I am pretty happy with this one!

Now almost all of my paintings are done by April, and I am more than happy with them.  This is a painting but not an original, it’s a numbered copy, and not something April would ever paint.

It’s a large Norman Rockwell…whom I love and have amazing memories of seeing on the cover of the Saturday Post.  This picture is of an old kindly doctor taking the pulse of a wee doll sitting on a little girl’s knee.  I love it.  And it seems there are more Rockwells to see.

  They are gathering them up for us to view tomorrow night after we get back on the boat from our visit on Kauai.  I will NOT be buying another.  I got an amazing deal on the doll one.  I am going to hang it somewhere that makes sense and put my Auntie Edna’s doll in a cradle I got at the family reunion right near it.

So today is Waikiki!  We are going to take our time having breakfast and getting ready for the day.  I don’t want to get off too early.  The boat doesn’t leave until 11 tonight so it will be a long day.  Cookie and I were here recently enough that I remember the little crooks and crannies that are interesting.  And I think we will make a trip to Cheesecake Factory!

So until tomorrow…..aloha!  TTYL

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