Yesterday was a pretty good day.  Not the most exciting…Kauai isn’t my fave island.  But it may be the most beautiful though.  It is so green thanks to a lot, and I mean a lot, of rain.

We didn’t get out in Nawilliwilli.  We taxied up to a giant (for Kauai) mall.  We had a few things we were looking for, like Longs drugs, which was there, and a camera shop, which wasn’t.  We stopped at a Starbucks for coffee, wandered around, did Long’s then caught the free shuttle back to the boat.

From there we got another taxi way out to Hilo Hattie’s.  They have really big Hawaiian shirts and we did find three lovely ones, not too expensive, for Monte.  He is feeling so stylin’ and spiffy!  Its been a long time since he looked decent and felt decent.  So we had a good look around the place then caught an absolutely packed crummy back to the ship.  I’d like to say I saw lots of Kauai on the way but I was completely squashed by a very large certain person up against the window in the very back of the bus.  I couldn’t see much I must say!  He is so big he has to sit sideways and even then there isn’t much room for his legs.  He has been asked 26 times so far on how tall he is.  Plus there have been a zillion conversations with people about it.  They always ask if his mom and dad were tall and I always say no we weren’t but the milkman was.  Haha!  Old joke.  They don’t laugh.

We are sort of getting tired of the slops up in the buffet.  Actually I think they are deteriorating.  At first the food had been super good but a couple of the last two nights we ended up having to leave food on our plates…not edible.  The worst is the pasta and cheese sauce.  Gross.  So last night we went to the steakhouse and had an amazing meal.  Monte had filet mignon and I had two, count ‘em, TWO double centre lamb chops, with mint sauce!  Delicious!!!  (thats like four lamb chops and I asked for super blue rare and thats exactly what they were!)

I was awake for at least two hours in the night last night.  And in my head, guess what I was doing..over and over and over?  I was packing the jeep for the trip home.  It was soooo packed on the way here that there simply isn’t room for even one more thing.  And we found out last night that the Rockwell I bought is framed, a big huge frame!  I thought it would be a print that was rolled up into a tube, and even that would hardly be packable into that jeep back seat.  So I went over and over and over how I was going to pack into that back area a framed picture that is at least three feet by two feet.  And I came to the same conclusion over and over and over….shits gotta go into the back, rain or shine, theft or no theft (on the ferry).  Let’s hope she don’t rain and the sun do shine!!! 

I am sitting in bed this morning.  We are anchored just off Lahaina and I am watching the tenders go back and forth, ferrying all our lovely guests (shovel list) over to Front street.  I am super looking forward to doing THE street again.  I am going to look for giant garbage bags (like thats going to happen) to put suitcases or framed pics in to help keep the rain off of ‘em and thieving eyes from knowing whats back there.  I was thinking we could taxi to Cannery Mall.  They have both a Long’s and a Safeway there but that’d be some expensive garbage bags!! 

Well I just got my list from April.  Pineapple shaped dipped cookies and a couple of types of macadamia nuts.  Whatever we get is going to have to be mighty small!  I just asked Emily to take my phone and charger to work with her.  She works at a cemetery in North Van.  HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!  I just remembered we have to pick up Wrangler up by her graveyard.  OMG!!!  I forgot!!!  I can’t believe I forgot him!!!  So all that Tetris packing in my brain in the night was for naught….it didn’t include space for our doggie.  I am such a dolt.  Well that settles it.  Gotta get garbage bags and put stuff in the back of the truck.  Jeez!  What a dolt I am.  Grrrrr….(shovel list)


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