That had to be the most fun day we have had yet!!!

We had a taxi drop us off at the International Marketplace and we were off!  Our very first stop was at a store named Chapel…and coming from Canada we knew that meant hats!  Monte has been hunting for just the right hat for some time now, even put money away for one.  And he found it!!!

It’s a jet black fedora, not too wide brimmed and it looks fantastic on him.  He is garnering even more attention now!  Everybody on the boat knows he is a musician and that hat puts him right into that category.  We had so much fun picking it out with help from the prettiest little sales girl who seemed to take a shine to Monte.  He never even noticed, silly goof!!

Our next stop was a store called FlipFlop.  And yes you guessed it, Monte actually found some leather, arch support flip flops IN HIS SIZE!!!!  Hokey Dinah!!!!  The price wasn’t too bad so he purchased a pair.  Not only do they fit, but they look fantastic too.

And then as we walked along we saw a Vans store.  Now Vans is like a miracle to people with size 16 feet.  They not only make them in that size, but they look cool, not something large people experience too often.  I offered to buy him a pair so in we went.  And a pair he found!  All black, good looking and dressy and super on sale!  Man he was a right happy camper by this time and we can now retire his ultra stinky pairs to the deck permanently til we leave!

From there we hit Duke’s Lane!  That is where all the little kiosks from the original International Marketplace were pushed.  We had a good look through there and guess who remembered us Cookie?  She came rushing over and was so excited to see me!!!  I can’t believe she remembered us.

And we ended up not eating at the Cheesecake Factory.  We did end up at that beachside place through that hotel that Cook and I went a couple of times.  It was awesome!!!  They replaced the tuna  poke bowl with a lobster roll on the menu.  Monte and I shared one.  I had a club soda  and Monte had the strongest Mai Tai ever.  I thought I was going to have to wheel him out of there after.  And to top it all off, it was just a beautiful day.  A little hot though.  It was 30 degrees out.

We wandered around for another hour or two then cabbed it back to the boat.  We spent the afternoon in our stateroom just chillin’ and napping and vacationing.  Supper upstairs in the slop trough then back to our room and watched three episodes of Dateline.  The perfect ending to a perfect day. 

This morning, again ridiculously early, kauai appeared.  What a beautiful beautiful Island.  I got some amazing pics!  Now we are going to go off to Hilo Hatties and see if we can find a shirt that will fit Monte.  They have a free shuttle that will run us out there and back.  Yay!!!!

Sadly my gismo that transfers pics from the camera card to my lappy is broken.  So no pics right now.  But we are also going to go to a mall near here later and I am going to try to find another one.  TTYL 

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