We had a great trip to Nanaimo.  Woodgrove shopping centre was a bust.  We were looking for four things and didn't find even one.  The Winners there should be renamed Losers.  What a sad store that was.  And as usual the Fat Lady store produced incredibly ugly options that no self respecting fat lady should wear.  Big and Tall didn't have even one coat long enough for Monte and Peter couldn't find one shirt that would do.  So we got out of there.

I went across the street to Penningtons (Additionelle was at Woodgrove) and it was equally a bust.  (shovel list)  From there we hit a very very busy, family forward, Costco.  God!  People were just IN MY WAY!!! (shovel list).

I had a pretty comprehensive list and tore through the store and executed.  I think a monthly trip works.  But maybe next time not on a Sunday.  Way too many kids, and some of them just open their mouths and scream.  What the hell is with parents these days that let their frigging kids scream?  If any of you out there reading this have kids, don't let them scream!!!!  All of us out here that either don't have kids or are old school from the days when kids were only allowed to scream if their foot was cut off, are super hating on you and your a-hole brats.

The trip home was quick and easy.  But once again it came to mind the six step process groceries are.  I walked about five thousand steps loading the buggy.  Monte helped me put the crap on the conveyer belt, the nice Costco lady loaded the buggy so I got to skip that step.  The boys loaded the stuff into the van.  I packed the bags, sitting on the back seat.  The boys, mostly Peter, hauled the groceries in and I put it all away.  Sooooooooo much work.  It was exhausting!  We all took a nap after that!

Night before last I was sitting in my chair in the living room around 4 in the morning.  I heard some unusual noise coming from the front window area.  Just Wrangler I figured.  He sleeps behind the couch there sometimes.  Then I heard more, louder and more insistent.  Then I noticed the curtains weren't moving so it couldn't be the dog.

Finally it kind of sounded like someone was breaking into Gladys.  Holy Crap!!!!  So I flew out of my chair and over to the window and there was a bear, a biggun', tossing my extra large garbage container around the front yard!  It has bear locks on the lid and he couldn't get it open....and he was pissed right off!  He flipped it, shook it with his teeth, chewed it, tossed it, sat on it, growled and finally hopped over the fence and strolled off down the street.  Meanwhile my poor garbage can ended up totally upside down on its lid.  So I guess those locks are a good thing, annoying, but a good thing.

I had a true pissed off tempest in a teapot fit yesterday morning.  I mean I literally sat here and stewed and gnashed my teeth and swore.

I had gone out onto the deck with Wrangler fairly early.  As I stood there and smelled the damp smokey fall morning air, I noticed that things were not quite right out there.  I checked around, and it took me a few moments to get it, but my big red coffee table with he wheels, the extra one, was GONE!!!!!  Holy shit!!!  Those alley rat thieving bastards had stolen my coffee table!!!!!!  I was so upset and pissed right off.

I finally went into the house and sat in my chair and stewed and swore and generally had a freak out.  It makes me so mad.  People think its okay to just take your hard earned stuff.  And in this town its pretty rampant.  And Peter wasn't home and Monte was sleeping so I had to wait forever to share my angsty news and get it off my chest.

Finally Peter walked in the door and I immediately hit the poor guy up, told him to go look out the deck window and tell me what is different.  Finally I had to tell him and he goes, "oh!  I took it downstairs to under the deck.  I was using it down there."  And he whips downstairs and hauls it up!  I mean...I was very relieved, but talk about pissed off interuptus!!!!  I was all set to emote and be angry and put a report in the Alberni chatterbox and whine and whimper for a while.  Hahaha!!!!  I was so happy it wasn't stolen, even if it did take away a feel good pouting.

Tonight is the next big dinner.  This time it was Pat's turn to pick the meal.  He picked prime rib.  So I have the roast all ready to go and all the other stuff ready.  Yorkshires, spuds, peas carrots, corn, a whack load of gravy, and apple crisp for dessert. Everyone (11) is arriving at 5:30.  I have put the leaf in the table and am going to set it.  My fave thing next to cooking the meal.  The next meal we are going to have Mike, our fave hermit, decide what the meal should be.  I will be really interested in knowing what he would like.  I can't even imagine.  Well off to the kitchen...TTYL

pissed off bear leavings

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