This just might be the last time you hear from us.  The captain, THE Captain, came on the blower a few minutes ago to warn everyone that the swells were going to be going up to four metres…like that’s TWELVE feet, almost two stories, and will be up there until we hit the Juan de Fuca Strait.  That’s almost the rest of the trip!

And he went on to tell us they were closing off the outer decks, the pools, hot tubs and warned us to stay off our decks.  In other words they are battening down the hatches.  I have been through this before and it isn’t fun, actually kinda scary.  Monte thinks this is the best thing that ever happened.  Sigh.  (shovel list)

Another very awesome thing that has happened is we have found something, a very important (to us) something.  Last night the pianist on the boat flagged us down as we were passing by.  She was just sitting down at the atrium piano to start playing her next set.  She had seen us on the tour yesterday from another bus and asked how we liked it.  Struck up an animated conversation.

  Near the end of it Monte complimented her amazing piano skills and told her he was missing playing.  And she told us of a hidden beautiful electric grand piano that guests can play!!!!!!!!  Its up in the chapel and guests can play when the chapel isn’t being used!  We thanked her profusely and beetled up there immediately and both took turns playing to our hearts content.  What a find!  Monte has been up again to practice and he is heading up there right now!

Now, about the amazing find the Big Island is!  Bill and I had not been there before but the kids have been.  Monte, April and Andrew flew over from Oahu and did a circle Island tour a few years ago.  They came back raving about it!

And now I get to rave too.  What a beautiful interesting island.  From desert, to lava to jungle, this island has everything.  I simply could not get over how beautiful it was.  In our four hour tour, with a wonderful young lady tour guide/driver, we saw Hilo, turtles, beaches, waterfalls, an amazing lunch, orchid farm, volcano craters and steam vents and hot hot earth mounds and the Moana loa macadamia nut farm.

I know from past research that its cheaper to rent condos on the big island than anywhere else in Hawaii.  I want to find three other groups to go in with my family and rent a four bedroom condo or house for a month.  It ends up cheaper than a week in a hotel by yourself and if everyone plans to rent their own vehicle and basically do as much on their own as they like, it seems to be a real doable option.  Some of us would maybe share a bedroom with a family member or friend and maybe stay a month.  Whatever works!

I really would like to see the Kona side of the island too.  I might make a trip back for a week and scout out the possibilities.

Last night after we got back we decided to go to the dining room again.  I got the Curtis Stone dinner again…this time it was a chicken and leek and tarragon pot pie.  Unbelievable!!!  Aryn if you are reading this I am going to have to describe it to you in detail and we have to give it a try.  It was truly delicious!!!

Well I am feeling the boat begin to pick up. I am sure glad I don’t get seasick.  I do get dizzy and have a propensity to falling every now and then as you know if you read this blog.  So I make sure I am hanging on pretty much all the time.  I don’t want to become one of THOSE people that I blog about.

Now its the next night, formal night and what an afternoon and evening it has been.  I shall tell about it tomorrow!  TTYL

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