Maui…..not so much, Big Island….utterly amazing.

To be fair we had to tender into Lahaina on Maui and that is always a giant pain in the ass.  You have to wait forever to get off the ship and climb into rocking banging life boats.  It was about 40 degrees out and no air blows into the boat.  We all almost died of heat stroke.  It was unacceptable and ridiculous!  One woman passed out for a couple of minutes.  Stupid.  

And it was just simply too hot to really enjoy the time on Front street.  We did go into Bubba Gumps for lunch but I was too hot to be hungry.  It was about noon and I hadn’t eaten anything yet.  And I could barely get down a small bowl of clam chowder and ate three bites of caesar salad.  Monte wants me to mention his lunch.  A huge extremely full breaded shrimp o’boy loaded with shrimp tomato pickle etc..  Fourteen bucks!  He couldn’t believe it!!!

  We finished walking the street then headed back to the tenders, where, of course, we had to stand forever in the full sun and wait. And wait.  And wait.  On the way back we went up to the top of the boat which wasn’t much better for heat.  Takes the stuffin’ and fun right out of everything.

And once back on the boat a nasty thing happened.  We were waiting with a small crowd of people for the elevator.  A large man with a walker and a lady with a walker were amongst the little crowd.  

Now Monte, due to his size, is very careful about when or even whether he gets on an elevator.  He goes forward and holds his hand on the door til everyone is on, including me, then either gets on, waits for the next one or walks up.
As he went forward to hold the door the fat old asshole man with the walker stops, turns around and tells Monte that he should wait and let her (walker lady) on first.  He told Monte ‘its only polite, a young man like you’ in a mean bossy voice.  Monte told him he was just going to hold the door.  ‘Well  it didn’t look like that to me!!!’  At which point Monte whipped around and said, ‘I’m walking.’ And took off.

Mean while fat ass got himself on the elevator and then everyone else followed and I was last.  And I let the bastard have it.  If Monte had been there I wouldn’t have but he wasn’t.  

So I turned to him and said something like this, “He is the most polite considerate young man you would ever want to meet. (and he interrupted and said again it didn’t look like it).  He steps forward and holds the door and then decides whether there is room or not, and either walks or waits for another elevator.  I can’t believe that you simply jumped to an erroneous conclusion and said what you did.  Its funny, everyone is amazing with Monte, about his height and size…except for little men.  I think their lack of height makes them angry and they lash out.  And you, sir, are not only short, you are so big you have wrecked your body and need a walker and I see you are heading up to the food trough floor for more.’ 

 At which point he was sputtering and said how rude and our room is on the same floor blah blah blah. I interrupted him and said, sarcastically, “ oh, I jumped to an erroneous conclusion did I?  How does that feel?  And I see you managed to get your ass in here first…rules don’t apply to crippled people I guess.”  At which point the elevator doors opened on my floor.  Before I got off  I pointed out to him that I was pretty sure he would see Monte around the ship and he could redeem himself by apologizing to him.  And turned around and walked away.  Asshole. Oh, and I apologized to the other people on the elevator.  And added, ‘sometimes something needs to be said’

We went to the dining room for dinner, not my fave thing to do but I gotta say…it was an amazing dinner!  Every night in the dining room they offer a Curtis Stone designed main.  Last night it was mussels, clams and chilean sea bass in a cream white wine sauce.  Sooo yummy!
Then we went to a comedy vocalist impressionist show who was so so funny and talented.  We had a fantastic time!  Then off to bed.

And today…..oh yes, today was beyond stellar.  I will write about it tomorrow but I now have a new fave island.  And you can rent condos for a month at time cheaper than any other island.  If four people go in on it its cheaper than staying one week in a hotel.  But more about that tomorrow.   TTYL 

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