Professional Rant

Human behaviour has always been of interest to me and being in HR makes me privy to a lot of behaviour which I find extremely amusing these days. There was a time when I used to stress and worry about dealing with people but I find myself to be more of an observer now.

It is amazing the amount of drama people create about minuscule issues and us HR folk are still expected to deal with the drama under the garb of appearing 'reasonable'. worked through your lunch break and demand that you leave one hour early? Tough! Nobody asked you to work through lunch. This is just one of the many crazy examples that I can 'legally' talk about (Hadhh hai yaar!)

I wish sometimes people were able to put things into perspective but sadly, all they think of is themselves. It is a selfish world and there are very few genuine people out there. I have become extremely suspicious when dealing with people and I always think about underlying motives. I guess, life has been a tough teacher but an effective one at that.

*End of rant..Lungi Dance, Lungi Dance*

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