I'm back again! Hardly got to pen down my thoughts these last few days...Lil bro is in town :) Its fun having him around! I miss taking him around London during the week though cos of work....Anyway I am making the most of the time with him! Missing the rest of my family! Looking forward to their visit soon!

I am now a 'city worker' and enjoying this new found financial freedom! I don't have to think ten times before spending the moolah now! Feels so good! yeah! :) Also, I am loving the responsibility, the decision making power and the contribution that I need to make to the organisation on a daily basis..I am also loving the countdown to the weekend and realise now the significance of the weekend! Planning for stuff to do over the weekend is ever so exciting especially in a city like London!

Nothing much happening apart from work and spending time with bro! I can't believe he is actually eating my 'haath ka khana'. Feels like just yesterday when we used to fight over silly things in our home in Bandra....miss those times...sweet memories indeed!

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