Last Day of July

July 31st?! Already? Sigh...this year is flying by too fast...Actually, I have been feeling like this only in the last couple of months...Just after a few months (4 to be precise) will be Christmas! :) Looking forward to the good food and festivities! Not that I don't try getting good food everyday par kehne ki baat hai ;)

Now I feel like taking a short trip somewhere...will probably plan a weekend out soon before the weather becomes all cold and windy! Sooo many places to explore here in the UK and I haven't actually started doing so! About time I say!

Work is getting ahead full steam now that employees have started misbehaving and that means organizing loads of disciplinary sessions for short a crazy workload! If only people behaved themselves....sigh...But then....the policemen/women and lawyers would be jobless and so would I ;) haha!

I'm off now to enjoy the weekend and rejuvenate myself for the week ahead..I know its going to be a crazy one! Indeed!

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