Brother & Bozo :)

Whats new? Well, I finished one month at work and four months of marriage! So far soo good I say! :) Also, lil bro left so all sad now...Most sisters who have lil bros will agree with me when I say that when lil bros are around they try and bug you, provoke you etc etc and you get mad but when they are not around you miss them terribly! I will always remember this visit of his...was a lot of fun and I re-lived old times. Just after he left, all the time that we spent together as kids and then as adolescents came rushing back to me...The bonding is as strong as it was and I am grateful for that! Theres a level of comfort shared by siblings that even best friends cannot don't have to think twice before you speak...actually, you don't even have to speak! Ahh now I am all senti! Speaking of which, I have another reason to be so as its my doggie's birthday tomorrow and for the first time I won't be around to shower him with love and pamper him with treats! Just want to wish him a very Happy Birthday :) Heres wishing he that he continues to brighten our lives for a looong time!! Love you Bozo :)

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