In days gone by..

Its been a while since my last post...Ah well I didn't have anything constructive to write about..was busy dealing with life haha! No seriously...was contemplating in my head and didn't express it in the written form..Not much has changed since my last post except that I have now found a free lancing job as a Training officer! yay! These UK folk are quite apprehensive about hiring 'outsiders' (I think) and their concept of diversity is totally warped! Hire a UK born & bred minority group member and voila! you have a diverse organisation..NOT! I am slowly moving towards my goal and will not tire unless I get there! Beware!

My hubby's birthday is around the corner and being the first birthday after marriage and all I am planning to be nice and make some of his fav food (read Bhel!)...Groceries for that are on my next shopping list! Quite excited about the whole thing! And no no I am not thaaat nice also...just bhel se kaam nahi chalega so a nice dinner in a restaurant has to be done! (Yeah I am proactive and will make it happen!)

Thats an update from me for now...have to head back to the kitchen to wash always adds a finality to the day and I automatically start yawning...yawwwn!! :)

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