2 interviews, 1 day!

Oh whatteee day!! Hopefully dinner comprising of veg biryani and dahi will make it all ok :) Had two crazy interviews today...the first one I call crazy cos it was in some godforsaken place with the closest tube station shut and owing to my stupidity and frayed nerves I got into a wrong bus (which took me in the exact opposite direction of my destination!) I'm sure the person who nazar lagaoed me solid was laughing...just u wait mean person...just u! :P So I reached late and they were kind enough to still interview me. If you know me well you will know how much I value punctuality..I'm the sort of person who turns up ten minutes prior to an appointment and someone whom you don't want as your boss (I don't know why I made that statement..hmmmm). As the weather God of London decided to play around with the weather which by the way is his usual pastime...it rained!! (at the exact time when I had to be walking on the road) BUT...I was prepared with my umbrella..I fought his cruelty! haha! About my second interview...I think they somehow got to know that I reached late for my first one so they made me wait for like half an hour past the scheduled time (Karma? No..Balance? Maybe...Murphy's law?...Definitely!) When I was late the interviewer was on time when I was on time the interviewer was late!
As I enjoy now my comfort food I look forward to another day, hopefully with more equanimity!

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