Radiator Woes

My skin was dry and I was freezing! I awoke with a slight chattering of the teeth (haan, dramabaazi toh I have to do!). The damn radiator had stopped working, again!! I have always had bad luck with radiators and boilers here in UK. In the hostel where I used to stay during my Masters, the radiator used to work brilliantly during the summer (which is so not happening given the state of ventilation in England!)and it used to refuse to even generate a little bit of heat during the bitter winters! And now here at our new place in London, I have already seen the engineer's face (yeah, they are not called electricians/plumbers....dignity of labour and all that) some four times! Yeah four times in a month! Unbelievable! At the first two instances it refused to work so the Engineer had a dekho and it was ok...After that it had to be replaced because it was very old and used to drone like an old man snoring. Our neighbour downstairs who is an old lady was very distressed by the whole fiasco and used to hound us like the FBI (not that I have been hounded by the FBI ever par kehni ki baat hai.. :P). To her relief and ours a new boiler was installed. I will not crib about the cleaning up of the house post boiler replacement operation and neither will I complain about how this electrician (oops! engineer) came and spoilt a perfectly good Saturday! (there i did manage to crib...can't help it lovelies!). This brings us to today when the radiator decided to go on strike! Thankfully Mr. Engineer was back with his smile and wannabe English accent (haan, Indian tha). He did manage to get the radiator working by tweaking some valves. So to cut a long story short, like Dr Bhatavdekar from the Orbit White chewing gum ad would say..."Eeets Verking" (Its Working ;))

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