So Random!

I woke up quite late today and I'm still a tad sleepy...yawwn! Atleast its a sign of relaxation :) I am quite hooked on to blogging now (both writing my own and reading others). Its like a pseudo diary in some ways but at the same time its an outlet of written expression which by the way is my favourite mode of communication. Have never quite been a big fan of talking you know, except of course with my close friends and family. I find it quite tedious otherwise...just plain taxing! hehe I'm not phobic or anything ok...Just have different preferences! :p

In terms of what I am planning to do today...Well lets see...hmmm....Blogging definitely (like duh...I am doing it at the moment!), cooking (aah...don't feel like it today but kya karein...I may just bribe my hubby into eating maggi! Not yet the quintessential biwi you see!) and reading (I'm reading Shantaram currently...its pretty good although I would be happier if it didn't have as many I don't want to know the exact hue of the smoke at a slum fire ok !! Come on!!). I may also catch up on this show called Mahi Way on Sony TV...I thought it was a good start by Yashraj but as usual its getting crappy with the lead protagonist who is a fat twenty something trying to survive this mean world full of thin people! Talking about thin people I think thin people who eat loads and don't put on weight are well..just plain lucky (in terms of appearance that never know whats going on inside...heart-shaart ke pange and all!) . Jo bhi hai its they say you win some you lose some!

My bestest quote (which I am putting here randomly..) "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players" ...Toh jao bhai dramabazi karo, true nautanki ki hi jeet hoti hai yahan!!! And thanks for reading this very very random post!!!

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