Renewed Zest

After a great Sunday (which followed a crazy Saturday) complete with good sleep, great food and even better company, I am filled with renewed zest to tackle my life! A little more about my weekend...Saturday was quite horrid with the guys replacing the boiler taking over my kitchen! I was irked to see the mess they had left behind and cleaning it was quite a pain! My hubby is lucky I like cleaning or else he would have been put to the job :P haha (he did vaccuum the entire place so I have to give him credit for it!) Sunday was nice...had fun cooking with my big bro and hubby! We made biryani (loads of it...which is good as it saves me the cooking for another day!) and watched Mumbai lose at the IPL but it was all good fun just being together...

Monday....I have re started yoga now which is already helping me feel better both mentally and physically and I have finally started on something creative which I meant to do for a long time but never had the time to do ....You can check out my other blog for more information on that! :) All this apart from the usual job applications!I am going to just keep myself busy and let the job happen when it has to! (Its amazing how this crappy job topic has to raise its ugly head in my posts....obssessed!!)

I plan to check out this huge park near my house soon...I can see a few dogs there so that is my main motivation! I have also started publishing my poems...about time I did that, don't you think? Lash out my creativity on whoever is kind enough to read haha!! I will also be volunteering twice a week! Come on world take me on! I am here to survive!! And to all those demotivating people in this universe filled with sarcasm and superiority complexes, who think they can belittle others by showing how brilliant they are in their little head...Piss Off! haa!

On a happier oven works just fine and I made some delicious pizzas! (which those mean people I just spoke about won't get!! #evil laugh# )

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