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Hello ladies and ledas :P I am a feminist and working for Her Centre (stop smirking, it IS a real organisation!) is not helping to get rid of the label! Well anyway, I have been doing some fun things since my last post! To begin with I rediscovered my love for nail art. The last time I experimented with my nails was way back in junior college where my bestest friend and me used to experiment like crazy with our nails going to the extent of embellishing them with nail jewels :D Oh whatte fun it was hehehe. I felt like doing something nice to my nails today...after all they have been through a lot with all the ghar ka kaam (listen hubby listen.. :P). So I got out my nailpolish bottles (some were dry and refusing to open :( ) and set to work. I actually found this pretty cool site which gives u a step by step approach to decorating your nails. They even have designs classified as beginner, intermediate and advanced. Some of them do require nail tools but most can be done by being creative and making do with tools from home (I used the ends of agarbattis! I guess toothpicks can be another alternative). A lot of the designs use acrylic paint but I didn't have any so used nailpolish instead and stuck to a simple design. Acrylic paint and really thin bristled paintbrushes are on my shopping list now! I also plan to use little chamkis from my old bindis! So thats going to be one exciting ongoing project for me! This is the link to the site I referred to

In order to make up for some not so favourite food (of hubby) that was cooked day before, yesterdays menu (despite the strong urge to feed maggi....Sheesh sounds like my dog! hahaha) consisted of Paneer Mattar :D . I went to the Indian store yesterday and picked up paneer and stumbled upon this masala packet by 'Rasoi Magic' (I know, corny name na?) but magic indeed!! Speaking of the Indian store I had to just type this here..The cashier, when asked how much the bill amounted to replied "Twaell (twelve) Ponds (pounds)" hehehe. I controlled my strong urge but just for kicks made her repeat it again (and then I think about what bad karma I have done! hehehe). I was in quite an upbeat mood on my return from the store because in addition to the good laugh I had now stocked up my kitchen with some very essential Indian groceries (achha chal, kurkure ko chhod ke!).
I also found this really nice site (thanks to one of my friends on fb) where you can add pretty frames to your pictures. I added one to Bozo's picture :) Its really cute! I also played around with some other pictures! Its good fun and makes good cellphone wallpaper (hey that can merge to form cellophane - paper...hehehe Sad one!! sorry!)
Thats all for now! Have a great weekend! I am looking forward to this looong weekend! And being in HR mera farz banta hai to wish u all a rocking Labour Day! Chill maro aur boss ko maro goli! ;) Enjoyy!!

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