A new chapter..

Back in London, settled into our new home...What a wonderful feeling! Its like our small haven which will take an important place in our memories as we grow old together..
I am totally domesticated so to speak! Cooking, cleaning, ironing...phew! Had no idea it was such a lot of work! At the moment, job applications (ah yes, they are still on...can u believe it?!) and housework keep me busy and of course the grocery shopping and voluntary work.

I hope to be able to get a decent job soon...Its been a while now and I just wish it happens! Bloody waiting has been ridiculous! My patience has been tried enough..enough tears shed...I need to see light...I want to get what I deserve and I know that I don't deserve this...not one bit...I hope to write a more cheerful post next time around and I hope I'm sane enough to formulate a coherent sentence...

Apart from the constant scare of attaining financial independence again life is good and marriage is brilliant! I recommend it to all my friends who are afraid to take the plunge...go for it! :)

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