Homeward Bound

I am happy...thinking about home always makes me smile. In a couple of weeks I will have two homes in India and that makes me feel truly blessed. I have been lucky to have been born into a wonderful family and now as I ready myself to be part of another I am beginning to appreciate relationships better.
Marriage is always more exciting for the girl as she has to learn to adapt to to change and accept it well. She has to nurture new relationships and at the same time ensure that she doesn't neglect older ones. This feeling is overwhelming and I think I'm already beginning to experience it although its just the tip of the iceberg at the moment. I am glad that through it all my partner will be by my side and I agree to the saying wholeheartedly that friendship is the basis of love....I have found in him my best friend and for that I will be ever grateful.
Heres to us and our life ahead! Cheers :)

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