So far So good!

Its been six months since my last post...thats like half a year!! So much has happened over this time...A wonderful time spent at home, a degree from LSE, manic job hunting (which is still on, unfortunately!) and the last few months before I tie the knot! Its such an exciting phase of my life...I have learnt so much over these past months. Some lessons learnt are in patience and others in self belief and the importance of hope. I have seen forms of myself that I thought I could never take.

At the moment, I am looking forward to going home! The most beautiful event in my life awaits me....Getting married to the one you love is indeed good fortune and I am thankful that I have been chosen to experience this wonderful feeling. Its like a culmination of our love for each other, and the belief that we had in us. It seems like we have come a long way already and marriage will mark another milestone in our togetherness. Amidst all the stress in every day life, it feels good to have this one anchor in your life that assures you that he is sailing with you and although there maybe troubled waters or stormy nights you will make it safe to the coast.

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