Practical Essence of Gita

'The Essence of Gita' which I have explained in the previous post is the popular and widely accepted one. Apart from that I have come up with another 'essence' from 'THE GITA.' I would like to call it 'The Practical Essence of Gita' which is a list of guidelines I picked up from The Gita and put into practice.

'The Essence of Gita' is easy to understand and accept, theoretically. But to have a mind set that it suggests, we need a lot of practice. May be even years together. What we need to do is not versatile. It is going to be the same action day by day. A mere repetition of simple steps which I list as the 'Practical essence of Gita.'

They are,
1. Surrender
2. Remembering God
3. Dedication to God
4. Selfless Work
4. Chanting
5. Meditation
6. Healthy Breathing
7. Healthy Eating

I will explain each of them in detail in the forthcoming posts.

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