I have learnt....

I have learnt that....

Every good deed, however small is worthy of appreciation
However dark the cloud, its upto you to see its silver lining
There is a big difference between unfairness and injustice
Your loved ones value your life more than you do
Being happy is a choice, albeit a difficult one to make
Grandparents are God's angels he sent on earth for us
The feeling of achievement on one's own merit is far sweeter than any other
Doing something well is much better than doing a shoddy job
Being in different time zones is one of the truest tests of love
There is no better cure for a broken heart than a puppy licking your face
No matter how bad a day you’ve had, hot homemade food sets most things right
Taking someone for granted is the worst thing you can do to them...by doing nothing!
Comparing yourself to another is useless, unless you are the other
Being happy with oneself is a prerequisite to being happy with another
You truly need to love animals to love cats
True respect comes from within...it cannot be imposed
Problems don’t always become easier by sharing them
Miracles happen only if you believe in them
There is no link between education and being a good human being
Losing a pet is the most painful tryst with grief

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