I have so many things to do.....and here I am blogging :) I like it though....this time when I can just sit back and let my thoughts flow...
This Valentines Day was the best ever! We went to Oxford and explored the place! It was a real treat to see the various colleges, the histories they hold and the river Thames that looked so serene with ducks twaddling in and out!
I have been cooking quite a lot since I have a new saucepan! I made batate song, chole, mixed veg bhaji, khichadi... :) Feels good to eat homely food. Its such a good break from the hostel food. I'm already fed up of it! The breakfast is good though...just the dinners are quite nasty at times, especially the vegetarian stuff!
I need to polish my dissertation topic...its really annoying me now! I have to come up with a satisfying logic as to why I need to study what I want to! Supervisors naa.....I guess its just for my benefit that I'm being grilled such a lot. Makes me think more, not to mention the annoyed expression that appears on my face way too fast! :P
I'm writing this in the middle of my discussion paper....gotta go or else will be in a soup (preferably tomato with bread crumbs :) )

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