Of Winning and Losing.....

The spirit of competition has always urged me on...towards achievement and trying to be the best. Sometimes of course, I can't be the best. This is what I find difficult to cope with. There is this sudden rush of anger, hurt and loss of belief that engulf me. I know that these are but experiences that will help me in the future. Winning is good but accepting defeat gracefully is equally important. I know this, but find it difficult to practice. Sometimes I wonder what has made me like this. Is it a high need to achieve, a need for recognition, to prove myself worthy to myself or others or has it just become a habit, speaking of which, not all habits are good. Confused?? Well, don't be :) I'm not in the doldrums neither am I feeling sad. Its just a question I want the answer to, in order to understand myself better...because winning and losing are going to be an inevitable part of life, whether I like it or not and learning to cope with losing, I must!!!

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