Birthday gifts and Amchi food!

Birthday gifts....In all the venting and ranting about how miserable I was feeling, I forgot to mention that I got awesome gifts!!!! A book so thoughtfully selected and couriered from Mumbai, a perfume sent all the way from Pune, a perfume here in London, an ipod :) and the best of all...clothes from Hill Road, kurkuri unde and dry fruits sent from home!!! I'm going to cherish these for a loooong time now!!
I'm feeling so much better now...I think the amchi food did the trick! Nothing to beat tori bendi, batate song and curds to lift up my spirits!! I also went to a Gujju beauty parlour (yaya...they are going to take over London some day I tell you!) and feel good! Also, listening to my cousins laugh and fight about little things reminds me so much of my bro....I miss being called Akku so when my cousins call me "Snehal Akku" it feels really nice. Its funny how such small things make such a big difference in your life!
I am done with the essays which kind of spoilt my vacation but then again, I had something to do so I was thankful I was occupied! My friends and me decided to do something fun after all the essay submissions so lets see how that goes :) Also, I want to visit the British museum and the Tate modern...hope to do atleast one this coming week! Its back to readings and seminars but I'm not really complaining cos I have started to like this life...

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