Festive frolic!!

Its December! The happy month :) Christmas will be here soon! I can already feel the festive spirit around me. December has always been special to me since it symbolises the advent of birthdays and celebration. It reminds of happy times together, mindless laughter and boundless joy! Christmas concerts in school are still fresh in my mind where we had the annual Christmas play and singing of hymns. The whole auditorium used to be full of this positive energy which still brings a smile upon my face when I think about it. Sweets and chocolates were shared generously and Christmas holidays were pure bliss :) The little Christmas gifts we used to get in school used to give us such joy. I still remember how excited I was to receive a hamper of marzipan sweets and some stationery :) The Art class always had a "card making" exercise one week before the Christmas hols. I still have a couple which I had made. Carrying out such a simple task was so wonderful :) The fact that I remember this is proof enough of how much all this meant to me. School was not just about studying...it was a lot more. I can proudly say that my school gave us an education in the true sense which went beyond academics. For this, I will be forever grateful to my alma matter!
Christmas in London is going to be a whole new experience. The decorations are already adorning the shopping streets. Even though the spirit is high, I feel its in stark contrast to my experience of the same festival in school. Commercialisation of the festival is very apparent but I guess that is bound to happen in liberal economies with capitalist histories.
"Tis the season to be jolly..tra la la la la..la la la la" :) :)

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