About Introspection....

Lately, I feel I have become very introspective. Introspection is effective until it starts haunting you...All these years, I had never quite understood myself but this experience of living alone is increasing self awareness (yeah...a positive outcome!) I've become very vulnerable...I don't remember myself being so. One reason could be that I had all that I ever wanted but now theres this need to achieve, to prove to myself that I can make it. Fierce competition lines my path towards success....Many a times it scares me because there is this blatant requirement to justify....justify your wants, justify your ability, justify your strengths, justify your very being! This world needs proof....proof for everything! I guess its just a response to all the malice and cheating that has been experienced in the past.
I am so lucky to have a family that loves me so much and my Love that I'm so grateful for :) I thank God everyday for them and all the other special people in my life (You know its you when you read this...) Life would have been a lot harder if not for their constant support and encouragement. I miss my grandma so much....I guess thats one bond that I can never express through writing...I know she misses me too and I hope to see her again soon...I thank her for all that she has given me.....I owe large part of who I am today, to her...Love you Papama :)

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