University has started full throttle and we have been presented with loads to do! Reading lists galore I must say! To tell you the truth I like it that way...I have something to do and having a goal always gives me a rush...Its as if I need to get there and prove myself. I need to come to terms with a lot of newness while I attempt to achieve this. Today I'm in a contemplative sort of mood. I did my laundry today and that always makes me happy...the fragrance of freshly washes clothes is so heavenly :)
Oh I forgot to mention it....I have joined a Food Appreciation society at LSE. The agenda reads restaurant trips, market visits, cooking classes and pot luck parties! Those of you who know me well will go 'Aaah....what an apt society for you". See my mouths already watering!!
Classes here are different from the way they are conducted in India. The approach is more participatory and the student is an active learner as opposed to the traditional passive role that we tend to adopt. The discussions in class are insightful to say the least. I'm saying this because my classmates are from various nationalities and each brings his/her perspective into an issue that I never thought about. It is amazing to see people form different countries trying to analyze so called universal concepts. Diversity is definitely valued and globalization screams out loud in all my classes. I'm learning so much through just interacting with others and I'm glad that this is just the beginning!

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