Of Indian Food,Late night shopping & Diwali @ Trafalgar Square

To say that this weekend was full of fun would be an understatement!
Friday saw me fasting for Sankashti and luckily I had been to my aunts place so had sabudana khichdi and curd (comfort food and something that reminds me of home). Hung out with my cousins and saw Main Hoon Na on TV :) It was great to just sit back and laugh whilst watching a Bollywood flick! SRK is a huge hit with my cousin though she doesn't admit it (I mean why would you have three SRK movies recorded then?? Om Shanti Om, Swades and Main Hoon Na...hehehe) My aunt was busy taking my other cousin for a Diwali function rehearsal and so couldn't take me shopping in the evening and so we embarked upon a shopping spree at 10.30pm!! One supermarket there is open until midnight so I was really excited about shopping so late :) Picked up groceries which will last me atleast a couple of weeks...Saw an amazing jacket for a steal away price but unfortunately there were just 3 pieces left and as luck would have it my size didn't figure in the three :( I need another overcoat coz the cold has started increasing and it gets really chilly in the evenings. Clothes are never enough for me :0) Was exhausted by the end of friday and went off to a blissful sleep...
Woke up to a lazy Saturday morning and went shopping again hehehe with my cousin to help her choose clothes for herself. I didn't buy anything for myself (Yes, I'm proud of the fact hehehe)
It was nice window shopping and going "Oh my God sooo much for a tee shirt...tch..tch" :) Saturday night dinner is worth a mention...went to this Goan restaurant and had fish curry along with bhindi fry and paratha! The food was tasty and truly satiating!
I have to now tell you about Southall which we went to on Sunday! It took us around an hour to get there and the minute we stepped out of the bus it felt like as if we were in Delhi! Narrow paan stained footpaths, shops selling sweaters, clips, accessories, dress materials! There was a Palika Bazaar as well! I mean how much more 'Dilli' can you possibly get? Had food at a restaurant called Mirch Masala...seemed like the restaurant had a Paki mgmt. The food was good though oily....Roamed around the streets there and then headed towards a Jalebi thela...I had heard so much about "Jalebi in Southall" that I had to savour the sweet and pass my judgement too! And yes, the jalebi was strictly ok...I like the Mumbai ones better! :D After a sticky jalebi eating experience we decided to head back since we wanted to check out the Diwali celebrations at Trafalgar Square!
Trafalgar Square was packed to the hilt and I wouldn't be surprised if a stampede broke out there! There were dance performances (we could see them on the big screens that were put up) and a general spirit of festivity all around. I heard a little girl telling her father "All I can see are the lights and they look very nice". That one statement sort of sums up how crowded the area was! We were there for around an hour and then decided to call it a day. I headed back to my hostel bidding goodbye to a memorable weekend!

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