In London....(first two weeks)

Its been a little over two weeks since I've arrived in London (Yes, my dream city). I had fallen in love with this place exactly ten years ago when I had come here as a tourist. Now, here I am as a student one among those millions who throng this city every year with dreams to make something worthwhile out of their lives.
I'm living in an Intercollegiate hostel right in the centre of the city which makes it a convenient walk to my University...The London School of Economics and Political Science! I still get all excited to say I'm from here (fresher's fever or whatever they call it hehe).

This is the first time I'm living away from home and I am not lying when I say its been tough. I believe its natural for you to miss the one place you've been living in all your life, more so your family. I have always been someone who is very inclined towards home ( I used to prefer staying at home and spending time with my Grandma rather than going out for a party). I knew this would be a challenge and its proving to be so in every way. All the things I took for granted have suddenly been taken away from me. Being alone is scary, especially if you are in a hostel full of people who are younger than you by 4-5 yrs and from a different background altogether. I end up having my meals with different people everyday... One day its Mongolian, another day its Kazhakistani or German, French or Chinese and yes how could I forget Pakistani. Speaking of Pakistani, I have never felt so much affinity to Pakistanis ( rivalry is to be blamed for this one!) ever in my life. Now, meeting a Pakistani gives me a sense of belonging together....Yeah...I can speak to them in Hindi (yay!!)

The one person (yes my dog is a person to me :) ) I'm missing the most here is Bozo. He was like my shadow whenever I used to be at home. He used to keep following me everywhere I went and even wait outside the bathroom until I finished bathing. Yes, dogs are loyal indeed and Bozo is a true dog! I miss playing with him, walking him, bathing him, petting him and generally taking care of him. I truly miss being loved by him...I know that he intuitively senses that I miss him and love him a lot. I finally saw him on the webcam today and it was truly rewarding. Just thinking of him make my eyes moist...the fact that I can't be with him makes it worse but I know that I will get used to living without hime...its going to take time but I will be fine (or so I would like to believe)

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