I'm just back from a hearty brunch! Good food does indeed uplift my spirits :) Slept quite late last night owing to a fun film watching session in my Paki friend's room. Ok ok...I won't get all derogatory here and will tell you her name..Mahek. We borrowed a DVD from the reception in our hostel and I was told to surrender my hostel ID till I returned the DVD "You not getting you ID if you not give me back the DVD" was what I was told by an African looking chap sitting at the reception. I'm sure he was bummed by me interrupting his phone call (to his beloved I assume because he was all blushing and blabbering away in what sounded like gibberish to me :) ) So once I had the DVD, I quickly ran up to to Mahek's room and allowed the man his privacy!
Yesterday was quite an eventful day...it started with me going for this job fair in a remote corner of London. It was quite expensive to get there even by tube and as my HR head used to say the "Return on Ivestment" was poor. However I did pick up free chocolates from the various stands hehehe All that the company representatives kept saying was "Apply online" I was expecting this before going there but I had to confirm my assumption and so I went for it. Anyway, will have to start applying for a job by December. When I was walking around in the exhibition I realized that just last year I was in the shoes of the company rep luring students to join Reliance Retail and now I'm on the other side. Life is surely quite a paradox!!
The weekend is here and I'm really excited about meeting the man of my dreams (ya ya my dream came true! :) ) Planning to bribe him into going shopping hahaha I feel like singing that song...."Dil Dance Mare Re" hehehe Happy happy :)

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