I'm getting used to the hostel....I know I am because after a full day of lectures on Tuesday I was glad to come back to my room! Also, meal times are not awkward anymore because I know people in the dining hall. Which reminds me to elaborate on the spread we have for breakfast every morning. It starts with porridge after which you proceed to cheese toast, bacon and fried egg, bolied egg, potato hash, baked beans, sausage. Full already? Wait! Theres more to come...four types of cereal, fruit bowl, yoghurt, toast, chocolate/peanut butter spread and of course tea, coffee and orange juice...pheww!! Breakfast timing is from 8am to 9am and so even if I'm lazy to get out of bed all that food motivates me to wake up (not to mention the hefty accommodation fee in which meals are included hehe)
Today seems to be quite a relaxed day with lectures in the afternoon. I have started being proactive with respect to job hunting so will be attending career fairs and hoping to land up with a good offer. This would indeed be a challenge considering the job market is not very welcoming in the UK. Life in London is so different from the one I had in Mumbai...I am the same person but its like I am learning a whole new way of life. Right from toilet etiquette (u know what I mean hahaha) to having baked beans for breakfast to using the Underground tube with ease...Oh also, having chocolate for lunch hehehe After all, its the little things that matter in the end!!

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