Friends...they are so important, especially when you are away from family. I'm glad I have made a few good friends in University and I'm still in the process of befriending people in my hostel. Well, yesterday (6th Oct 2008) my first week at LSE (after freshers week) commenced. However, one day before that is really memorable. Woke up late on that Sunday morning and headed towards Oxford Street (mecca of shopping in London) around noon. Had a wonderful time window shopping with like minded friends who also believe in retail therapy as much as I do!! I won't lie when I say that I didn't shop because I did buy a jacket from this awesome store where you get clothes for steal away prices. It was a friend's birthday that day so had a celebratory dinner at a restaurant called Ping Pong. We decided on this particular restaurant after surveying menus of atleast 7-8 restaurants to ensure that we don't burn a deep hole in our modest student budget. It was so much fun! I'm glad I went out with friends because it gets quite depressing when your alone in the hostel room. I keep ruminating about how much I miss my family and dog.
Another interesting highlight of the past few days is that I had dinner in my room with a Pakistani girl staying on my floor...we had chicken korma and bread. The experience of sharing food is so humbling that we bonded quite well over the meal. I have noticed that people on my floor rarely interact with one another so I was really excited about making a new friend in the hostel and that too on my floor!
This new chapter in my life never ceases to amaze me. Life has surely changed but I'm afraid I will change too. Will it be difficult when I get back home? Will I start perceiving the world around me differently? Sometimes these questions haunt me and I try not to think too much about them. Often, I feel that I think too much....that I am too cautious before I do something.....I guess I should stop worrying now and welcome each phase with renewed zest!

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