The Gita is like a seed.

The seed, to look at, is not very different from a stone. It looks dead. But it is full of life. When dissected it does not reveal a tree. But there is a tree in it. If we want to know all that is contained in a seed we need to sow it, water it and be a patient farmer.
The Gita is not very different from a seed. To understand it to the fullest we need to put it into practice and be consistent.
It does not have commandments. But it has suggestions and recommendations. Most cases we would not be able to stick to the standards recommended. But still we are encouraged to try as best as we can so that we will improve slowly and become fit enough to meet the required standards.
The beauty of The Gita in my point of view is that it very well accepts the weaknesses of our minds and helps us overcome them.
It does not condemn any action. But it suggests the best way of living. If we are too low from it, we are reassured and encouraged to aspire for better standards.
The promise of The Gita is that, there is hope even for the worst sinners provided they are ready to lift themselves by themselves with the support of the Lord.

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